First Visit

  • Pay for the ingredients prior to starting the manufacturing process
  • Sign a declaration stating the product is for personal use or use by others at no personal charge. No commercial, group names or pen names ie: “Champagne Charlie”
  • Add the necessary ingredients to start the fermentation process

Second Visit

  • Bottle Washing & Sterilizing – This step is performed by the customer either off site or at the U-Brew or U-Vin.
  • Remove or Deface Labels – If bottles originating from a commercial winery or brewery are used by customers, the customer cannot use the bottles until they have removed or defaced its commercial labels. Defacing must include, at minimum, putting a clearly visible and permanent dark felt pen across the label.
  • Bottle the Product – The customer is required to bottle and seal the product they started in their first visit. If labels or other decorative items are to be affixed to the bottle, the task must also be completed by the customer. Please be advised the term “bottle” includes any container, including a keg.
  • Remove the Product from the Facility – After bottling, the customer is required to IMMEDIATELY remove it from the licensed establishment. Bottled product may not be left on the premises for any reason. Licencees are not permitted to deliver a customer’s beer, wine, cider or coolers.

Tasting & Sampling

  • Customers are permitted up to two 100ml (3 ounces) per batch (not per person)
  • Sampling – Because we are not a Licensed Liquor Manufacturer we cannot supply samples of finished product either in our establishment or elsewhere.
  • Sampling parties in our establishment where finished product is provided to the public by a kit manufacturer or by others is not permitted. This prohibition includes customers bringing in their own product into our establishment for tasting by others.


  • Minors other than employees are not permitted in the areas of the U-Brew/U-Vin where liquor is manufactured or stored unless accompanied by parent or guardian.
  • Minors may not manufacture liquor at a U-Brew/U-Vin and may not assist their parent or guardian in the production process.

This document outlines the Legal Requirements of the Customer as outlined by the Guide for U-Brew & U-Vin Licencees of B.C.

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